What Is The Best Way To Take CBD?

You have probably heard a lot about CBD but you are just not sure where to start? To determine what form of CBD would be best for you, you first need to determine why you want to use CBD in the first place. CBD is thought to help with a variety of conditions such as anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and inflammation. There are a wide variety of CBD products on the market today and each can deliver the CBD to your body in a different way.  Below are 3 different CBD categories and a few reasons why they might be right for you.


If you are not a fan of ingesting CBD, a CBD topical cream for pain and soreness may be ideal for you. Applying the cream directly to a painful area can be a fast and effective source of relief. The cream is absorbed quickly through the skin and begins to work immediately. This localized pain relief is great for athletes, people with arthritis or just general aches and pains. Using a cream that is combined with a soothing menthol may aid in your pain relief. One such product from Mastermind Bio-Wellness is a CBD muscle rub that will give you concentrated relief.

Mastermind Muscle Rub 500mg


CBD oil is the most popular method of ingestion. Simply place the tincture under your tongue (sublingual) and the CBD will be absorbed into the bloodstream and distributed throughout the body. I suffered from chronic back pain for years with no relief. After a few weeks of taking CBD twice a day, I experienced about a 50% decrease in my pain. The dosage that is right for you might take some trial and error, but I can say that Mastermind’s 1500mg Tincture worked for me!

Beverage Enhancers

Perhaps you do not enjoy the taste of CBD oil. CBD beverage enhancers are a great way to deliver CBD to your body at an accelerated rate. These are also ideal for those who want to be discrete about using CBD.
Mastermind’s CBD beverage mix is a water-soluble powder that can be added to your drink. Enjoy a delicious fruit punch flavour while getting the benefits of CBD quicker than other methods.

Mastermind’s CBD BIOSHOT is a flavorless liquid that can be added to any beverage such as water, protein shakes or smoothies. A bio-available product, Nano technology allows the CBD to live suspended in water and be absorbed quickly and effectively throughout the body. You will enjoy quick results.

Mastermind BIOSHOT

From personal experience, I have found CBD products to help me with pain (as I mentioned earlier), sleeplessness and anxiety. Whether you are taking CBD as part of your daily routine or just occasionally, there is a product that is right for you. What is the best way to take CBD? Well, that all depends on personal preference, lifestyle, and health reasons.

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