Want to Master Your Habits?

Whether you’re thinking about stopping a bad habit or strengthening a good habit, they both take effort. If you think anything good in this life comes from floating down the lazy river, I’m sorry to tell you this but you are mistaken my friend. I’ll let you in a few tips to keep in mind while you consider your habits before the summer starts up.

The Myth of the 21-day habit

This notion that it takes 21 days to form a habit has been proven to be a myth. In one study researchers explain that forming new habits varies from 18 days to 254 days before it becomes automatic. But they stated that most habits were formed closer towards the latter. Basically stating that 21 days is a stepping-stone towards an automatic habit but not the final destination. Forming new habits is dependent on many individualistic factors as well as the type of habit you’re trying to form. Just like anything in life, these ‘get rich quick’ schemes never seem to actually make you rich, so in order to form that new habit to change your life, you will need to simply be patient and put in the work.

Simplicity is Key

Everyone complicates simplistic concepts in this world. If you want to exercise more, well make the time to exercise. If you want to eat healthy food, choose the healthy option rather than the burger and fries. Sometimes it’s more complicated than that and I get it but if you actually want something in life, you’ll find a way to get it. Let’s say you’re trying to eat more healthy food throughout the summer but you’re a ‘weekend warrior’ that makes it difficult to stay away from fast food or restaurant food. Instead of ordering the double cheeseburger, let’s try out the grilled chicken burger with a side salad. Start off small and keep it simple. Maybe after a couple months you may be moving on to the chickpea salad instead; who knows you may actually like it.

Work Ethic and Consistency

No matter what you’re trying to achieve or accomplish in this world we live in, if you lack in consistency, the likelihood of you accomplishing your goals are slim. When successful people are asked about how they succeeded in their craft they will more often than not express how their work ethic was a contributing factor. Let’s take a look at the story of Tiger Woods this past weekend at The Masters, having possibly one of the greatest comebacks in sport history. Tiger is a perfect example of resiliency as he has battled with injuries and multiple surgeries pertaining to his sport but also issues off the course that had an influence on his gameplay. But nonetheless, after 14 years since winning The Masters his work ethic and consistency has brought him back to the top once again. What we can learn from Tiger’s comeback story is that if we consistently work towards our goals, eventually it will happen. Remember any step forward is a step forward. 

You don’t have to broadcast on social media how you’re creating new habits because if you think about it, the habits you’re trying to create are for you; no one else needs to know about it. Many people fall into this trap that they need to let everyone know that they go to the gym through their Instagram story. Which hey I’m not judging, but if you’re doing something for extrinsic motivation or rewards (i.e., praise or social validation) opposed to intrinsic motivation or rewards (i.e., personal satisfaction or accomplishment) the likelihood of you developing that good habit is about the same as me never writing another blog… (I’ll see you next Monday).

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