Beau Burgeau

It's a huge part of my training and a way to handle the daily stress of running my business. 

Mastermind MCT CBD Oil+ Mixed Berry Flavor


How to take this product:

Fill tincture dropper by squeezing rubber top. Administer by placing the oil under your tongue.

What’s unique about this product?

The Mastermind MCT CBD Oil+ Mixed Berry Flavor is absolutely delicious and provides a solid 25mg of CBD per dropper.

Why is this important to me?

We believe that 25mg-50mg is optimal for recovery with most individuals and our 750mg is formulation with 0.0 THC so athletes can take our oil in-season.

What’s inside?

750mg of CBD in entire the 30ml tincture bottle, roughly 25mg of CBD per full dropper (1ml).

No Sugar

Product Details:

30 ml Tincture

Mixed Berry Flavor

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