Beau Burgeau

It's a huge part of my training and a way to handle the daily stress of running my business. 

Mastermind Beverage Mix


How to take this product:

Simply add the single-use packet to any beverage and stir or shake. 1 Packet per serving.

What’s unique about this product?

The Mastermind Beverage Mix uses nano technology allowing your body to absorb more CBD than other methods.

Why is this important to me?

Since the nano technology is more bio-available, meaning your body can absorb the benefits quicker, you can get just as effective results using less CBD for less money.

What’s inside?

15mg of Water Soluble CBD per packet

No Sugar

Product Details:

Single-use Packs of 4

Add to any beverage

15mg of CBD per Pack

Fruit Punch Flavor

View COA https://mastermindcbd.com/certificates-of-analysis/