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Wellness Products: 

-intended for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, yoga practicers 


-Pure CBD extract in hemp seed oil carrier, they do not contain other additives.

Function Products: 

-intended for individuals looking to use products for a specific purpose; energy, recovery, sleep. Golfers, Hikers, Soulcyclers, Night Owls that need sleep.


-Contain other ingredients that are used to enhance the CBD experience. 

Performance Products:

-intended for high performers. 

– Adding fitness level ingredients in combination with CBD allows for a complete state of the art product line.

Step 2

Select Type of Product



Beverage Enhancer


Most traditional way of taking CBD, administered by taking a full 1ml dropper under the tongue.

Tincture bottles are labelled by the full amount of CBD in the entire 30ml tincture bottle. Mastermind Tincture include 500mg, 750mg, 1500mg. For example, a carton of milk is 1L, but the glass of milk may only be 250ml. 

Tinctures are great for an accurate dose and recommended for first time CBD users. 


Topical are applied to the surface of the skin where the problem area is. Our topical products are meant for external use only and can be a very effective transdermal approach to relief. 

Our topical products come in 300mg, and 600mg (Extra Strength) 

Topical products are great for individuals looking or a less invasive approach to CBD and for those looking to target a specific area. 

Beverage Enhancers:

Mastermind Beverage Enhancers use state of the art nano technology to allow for maximum absorption of CBD in the body. These products are more “bio-available” allowing for more CBD to be absorbed so you can use less CBD and get the same results. 

Our beverage enhancers come in standard CBD, no flavor (BIOSHOT), an Energy Shot which is paired with caffeine and B-vitamins to give you an energetic boot, and Sleep Drops which is paired with melatonin and other proven sleep promoting ingredients to help you reach full REM and get a good night’s rest. 

Step 3

Order & Track Your Results

Unlike most CBD companies we encourage our customers to track their results using fitness bands, Apple Watches and other tools so you can be sure that you’re using the right products to be At Your Best in all that you do. 

Mastermind offers a Money Back Guarantee on all our products.

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