Athletes put a lot of strain on their bodies. They are constantly looking for ways that they can improve their performance and recover quicker. They are looking for safe, natural products that can help them. Research is showing that CBD can be beneficial to athletes for several reasons.

1. Faster muscle recovery
CBD can help athletes recover quicker. It helps muscles heal faster and get stronger.

2. Pre-workout boost
Some athletes claim that taking CBD before their workout gives them a natural boost for a better performance and increased their concentration.

3. Better sleep
Sleep is crucial for athletes. This is the optimal time that bodies recover. CBD has been shown to help people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

4. Pain relief
CBD has been shown to be effective in reducing muscle and joint pain.

5. Reduced inflammation
Too much inflammation can lead to injuries and slow muscle recovery. CBD can reduce inflammation and when an injury does occur, get you back on your feet quicker.

Mastermind Bio-Wellness CBD muscle rub is a topical cream that is fast acting and effective. A proprietary blend of hemp derived CBD (cannabidiol) extract and menthol targets sore muscles and helps with pain and inflammation. The pleasant smelling, non-oily cream is excellent as a post workout and post-performance solution. This topical CBD cream provides instant relief with no psychoactive effects. It can be reapplied as needed.

Customer reviews claim that it reduced leg cramps, melted back tension away and improved workout intensity.


Conceived by Nature, Refined by Science

MASTERMIND uses all natural ingredients, combining CBD with the therapeutic qualities of Menthol, Melatonin, Ginseng Root, and Ginkogo Biloba Leaf.

MASTERMIND products are proudly made in the USA in GMP compliant facilities. We use industry experts for each product class, taking the best growers, best extractors and best formulators to make top-tier products that are ready to be taken by those looking to be at their best.