Athletes are turning to CBD to help them recover from their workouts. Having a faster muscle recovery allows them to get back in the gym quicker to continue training. Muscles get sore because during a vigorous workout, microscopic tears occur in the muscle fibers causing inflammation. The body’s response to repair these tears results in pain and soreness.

CBD is one of the best supplements on the market today to help combat muscle fatigue and to aid in recovery. It is a much safer natural alternative to popping harmful anti-inflammatories. Here is a list of numerous ways it can help.

1. Pain Relief
Many studies have shown CBD to be a safe and effective pain killer. It does not get you high and does not have the damaging side effects that other pain medication does.

2. Anti-Inflammatory
Excess inflammation in the body can lead to injuries. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body. It can be taken orally or rubbed on the affected area to help muscles recover quicker.

3. Muscle Relaxer
CBD can help your muscles relax, allowing your body to concentrate on repairing itself.

4. Sleep Aid
Getting proper rest is essential in muscle recovery. CBD has been effective in helping people get a good night’s sleep which is when the body can focus on rejuvenation and recovery. It can help you fall asleep faster and remain asleep longer.


5. Controlling Cortisol
High cortisol levels can impair muscle growth and recovery. CBD has been found interfere with the secretion of this stress hormone, allowing the body to be more efficient at muscle development.

As you can see, CBD can safely be used to help with muscle recovery and assist you in reaching your fitness goals. Mastermind Bio-Wellness makes it easy for you to get your CBD with the BIOSHOT beverage enhancer. Simply squeeze 2 to 4 drops of this flavourless liquid into any drink and you’ll be on your way to recovery!


Conceived by Nature, Refined by Science

MASTERMIND uses all natural ingredients, combining CBD with the therapeutic qualities of Menthol, Melatonin, Ginseng Root, and Ginkogo Biloba Leaf.

MASTERMIND products are proudly made in the USA in GMP compliant facilities. We use industry experts for each product class, taking the best growers, best extractors and best formulators to make top-tier products that are ready to be taken by those looking to be at their best.