Master Your Thoughts to Master Your Life

One may ask, ‘how do my thoughts influence my life?’ well my friends sit back and listen up. An Individual’s thoughts will influence how they feel about a specific event or task, which will lead to impacting your behaviour.                                  […]

5 Ways to Optimize Your Mental Wellness and Clarity

Written by Dr. Courtney Ranieri, NDNo matter where you are in your health journey, checking in on your mental wellness is a top priority. It’s easy to let the stresses of life catch up to you, but making small and simple changes to your nutrition, lifestyle and sleep routines can help you optimize your mental […]

Master Your Habits

Whether you’re thinking about stopping a bad habit or strengthening a good habit, they both take effort. If you think anything good in this life comes from floating down the lazy river, I’m sorry to tell you this but you are mistaken my friend. I’ll let you in a few tips to keep in mind […]


According to Statistics Canada, 43% of men and 55% of women aged 18 to 64 reported trouble going to sleep or staying asleep which poses many negative outcomes for us. Sleep is essential in our daily functioning as it allows our bodies to release hormones to help repair cells, impacts our immune system, appetite, breathing, […]